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      Advice on colours
      Best time and how work will be done
      Co-ordinate other trades if needed
      Interior and exterior
      2 Pacs
      Different finishes
      Insurance work
      Hard finishes
      Spraying metal protectants
      After hours, 24 hour work
      Airless Spraying
      Texture Coats
      High Pressure Washing/Home Washing


"Lino was patient with us. Working around four school children with untidy rooms. They prepared us for the week ahead."

 Peter Bennison

"The registration entitles the applicator to use Dulux Cool Roof Commercial Installer Products an Branding."

 Dino Ditroia

"I have known Lino for over ten years and I have watched the business grow and florish into a professional company offering a high standard of work."

 Peter O Brien

"He has met the requirements and is authorised to operate as a Dulux Accredited Painter"

 Colleen Jeffery-Court